Exploring womanhood foundation is a non-profit organization working for women empowerment especially for women rangers and ladies from forest dwelling communities.

For us Rangers means, As per the International Ranger federation, Rangers are the persona involved in practical protection and preservation of all aspects of wild areas, historical and cultural sites. Rangers provide recreational opportunities and interpretation of sites while providing links between local communities, protected areas and area administration.



Yes, women rangers are integral part of ecosystem conservation teams and must be treated like the soldiers as of male counterparts. As this report says, there is only 11% representation of women in ranger community. Being almost half of the world, we are only 11% in this profession. There are so many reasons for this status and we are working to get better in this part.

For getting more representation in rangers, first thing we started is to declare the awards for women rangers. There are so many women rangers who are doing excellent job for this nature conservation but get sidelined in this male dominated work culture. If we can get best of the works from women rangers in limelight then only others can come to know about this. So we started declaring award as “ Van Durga” that is ‘Goddess of Forest’. The women ranger who worked in different sections of ranger profession such as Protection, Conservation of species, Eco-tourism & nature interpretation and inspired other rangers to do better are selected for Award. We have one special award for Spouse of ranger. Being wife of ranger, I came across all odds of his duty, unscheduled works, risks of being alone at home, managing family in his absence. So the role of spouse of ranger is also important for getting better from him/her for the nature conservation. I guarantee,  Rangers can perform well if they assured about their family welfare.

We support women rangers for their capacity building by providing technical books, rescue tools, self defense techniques and tools. We conduct workshops, lectures about legal provisions against the sexual harassment and violence at workplace. We also worked for keeping their motive high.

As per the definition of rangers as adopted at Chitwan declaration, the local communities who are working for biodiversity conservation are also termed as rangers. As here in India, we say, When one gentleman learned something, it is just a person who get benefitted. But when a lady learned something, it’s a family who get benefitted. Helping self help groups of women from local communities to get employment or skill development matters a lot for decreasing direct dependency on forest. Increasing non-consumptive use of biodiversity by providing alternate employment will strengthen their beliefs on mother earth. Arranging health check–up programs, distributing sanitary pads, arranging workshops for skill development will cater their needs for better livelihood and life.

The Exploring womanhood foundation is working for betterment of Women rangers and their families. I hope some of the other foundations, associations if started to work on these lines, and then we can expect more representation from women in the rangers. Increasing representation will definitely creates demand for better workplace and better concern of role. So I request all fellow women rangers to be our role model and motivate other girls to be in this noble profession of nature conservation.

Mrs. Deepali Atul Deokar


Mrs. Deepali Atul Deokar,
Founder and Director of Exploring Womanhood Foundation.
Certified POSH trainer
Motivational Speaker

Working in this field of Conservation and awareness since 2014, Conducted programs and lectures for Woman Rangers, Rangers family members and tribal youths

Started Award named as “Van Durga” (Goddess of Forest) for woman rangers for celebrating their best performance in the conservation field and to motivate them and others for the same.

As a co-author have written an International paper about covid effects on Rangers and Rangers family.

Felicited by Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra for the supporting forest community.

Felicited by PRATHAM Institute for continuously supporting role for the project of empowering tribal youth with Forest Department,

Has invited as a panelist in round table discussion and webinar on International platform arranged by International Rangers Federation (IRF) South America.

Invited in Global festival program as a speaker arranged by National Geographic Explorer.

Participated in First Latin American Female Ranger Congress organised by America

Participated in IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Participated in Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference organized by IUCN.

Mrs. Deepali Atul Deokar

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