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Van Durga Awards

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We feel proud to announce the buy propranolol over the counter Saransk Van Durga Awards, 2021. This is the consecutive third year of award. This is the only Foundation working for Woman Rangers (all field Officers and staff) of India. Some of our awardee gets chance to present their work at many National and International platforms and also got appreciation at various levels. purchase promethazine Van Durga award is declared for appreciating valuable work of women working for Conservation & Protection of Wildlife, Awareness about Biodiversity Conservation, Enhancing People's participation for Forest management, Conducting Outreach activities for conservation education. Offcourse the work is not limited to the words mentioned. The hardwork in field can not be compared but nominations will be evaluated irrespective of work section, region and age of applicants.

ziverdo kit online buy Nominations will be accepted by and before 15th of October.

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